In 2013 I wrote an article for our local Boolarra Link, explaining how I did become to love bowling. Now, excited with the design of this website, I am taking the liberty of writing my first blog. I decided, possibly for the matter of convenience, to post that article here. I realised that since I began bowling in 2011, I have been increasingly fascinated by many compelling, engaging, and joyful, aspects of lawn bowling. It is a sport which involves mental and physical activities; it requires practice and development of mindfulness, precision, and delivery skills. It is a community oriented with its own rules, regulations, and ethics.  It is managed by volunteers – bowlers and social members; you do not need to be a bowler to become a member. All members can participate in all social events, or just watch rolling bowls and show off innuendos of skilled bowlers.

Why Do I love Lawn Bowling?

Before I came to Boolarra, my new home town, in October 2010, I had never played lawn bowls.  As a matter of fact, I always made fun of the people with white uniforms rolling bowls on a green field.  One day, in January 2011, I went to the Boolarra Bowling Club and introduced myself to a group of people rolling bowls on the green grass, and to those who were sitting outside of the field watching the rolling bowls. Someone asked me if I had ever played bowls (which I answered no), and if I wanted to roll a bowl.   I accepted the offer and, after a brief instruction, I rolled few bowls and fell in love with it.

This initial tryout made me to recollect some of my happy childhood memories. I remembered that we used to play with round and flat rocks, in a way similar to the lawn bowling, and we compete with each other to prove our ability to get our flat rocks as close to the round one as possible.

This try out and subsequent participation in few social games actually made me to be a child again, having so much fun looking at the bowl rolling on the grass and approaching the little round bowl called the kitty. Sometimes, I like to jump up and shout out loud when my bowls touch the kitty; of course if those polite bowlers, who are concentrating on rolling their bowls, are not around!!

Since my involvement with the Boolarra Bowls Club and practicing and participating in the Lawn bowling competitions, I have improved in many aspects of my life. I have become mentally and physically healthier than before. I am more positively active; I feel that I can dedicate more efficient time to my creative work. I have realised that it is so mind refreshing to go out and play bowls after working alone for a while in my studio.

Lawn bowling is a popular, social, healthy, and enjoyable outdoor sport. Traditionally, it was sport for old age people; however, within last decade or so, many younger generations have been attracted to this sport and have achieved national and international recognition. To Play a game of bowling is enjoyable and, at the same time, challenging. It requires precision, control, and coordination; however, it is so unpredictable, which make this sport exciting, and exhilarating.

Lawn bowling has so much health benefits, especially for a grumpy old man like me. It improves body and mind coordination, fitness, and wellbeing. It enhances our positive feeling towards ourselves, others, environment and the life as a whole. It increases our confidence; therefore, it improves our social ability to interact, connect, support and being supported by others.

I highly recommend to my hardworking friends, fellow artists, writers, thinkers, corporate executives and entrepreneurs to visit a close by lawn club and give it a go; take off your shoes, roll the bowls and enjoy the sunshine and the social friendly ambient.

Abbas Mehran

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